Adidas transform plastic into fashion

An increasing number of people are becoming aware of the danger, which plastic poses to our environment, and many companies have taking it upon themselves to minimize plastic from their products.

And while all of that is well and good that does not eradicate the striking number of 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic, which already fills our oceans. Now, people are starting to address this problem and the infamous brand Adidas seems to have come with a solution. Or at least a way for them to contribute in cleaning our oceans. adidas-top-2.jpg

Adidas has partnered up with Parley for the Oceans, which is a non-profit organisation committed to reducing plastic waste in the ocean. In 2016 they launched their first product.

Approximately 95% of the shoe consists of recovered ocean plastic from the Maldives and soon about 7000 pairs of the shoe will be up for sale for $220 each. The brand aims to produce about 1 million pairs of the sneakers in 2017 from more than 11 million plastic bottles.

BK1802_21_model.jpgAnd if this wasn’t enough, Adidas has – also in partnership with Parley – released a line of swimwear made entirely from used fishing nets and debris collected from coastlines. The line provides both men and women with the option of buying a sustainable swimsuit at the neat price of $30-$50. The swimwear comes in two designs, with the first featuring a simple wave pattern and the second having ocean-inspired words written on it. Both designs stays true to the origins of the materials for the swimwear.

Eventually Adidas aims to eliminate virgin plastic from its supply chain altogether and hopes to expand the idea behind the ‘Parley Sneaker’ to much more of the company’s product line.

Having a brand as big, as Adidas creating these types of options for people, sends a great message to other companies. Hopefully other companies will find themselves inspired if not by their own moral compass then at least by their wallets. People want to keep buying, but they want to do it in a sustainable way.

Creating products out of recycled material is the future and Adidas has just made us all take a great step into that.



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