The birth of Youtube

Youtube is today a major website with approximately 2 billion views a day. It is the 3rd most visited website and it all started  with three young men; Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. Together they came up with the idea for YouTube over a dinner party in San Francisco about a year before the actual launch.


At the time, content and photo sharing sites were beginning to become increasingly popular, but people still needed a site for sharing videos. Hurley, Chen and Karim wanted to provide that.

On Valentine’s Day 2005 Chad Hurley registered the trademork, logo and omain for YouTube-icon-full_color.pngYouTube. Three months later in May a small group of employess launched the beta site for Youtube.
The very first video uploaded on Youtube was the ‘Me at the Zoo’ by Jawed Karim, who later left Youtube and went back to school. Meanwhile Chad Hurley, who had studies design, and Steve Chen, who had studied computer science went on to work at Paypal.
In November 2005 YouTube received funding from Sequoia Capital and in December YouTube officially became a corporation. Their first office was located above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant, but YouTube quickly grew and in October Google reached out to them and bought them for 1.65 million US dollars.
Today YouTube is known worldwide as a site of video sharing and funny cat videos. 70% of its traffic comes from outside of the US, 24 hours of video footage is being  uploaded to YouTube every minute and it would take you approximately around 1700 years to look through the hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube. This number will surely only increase as YouTube gains more more and videos of entertainment every day – perfect for procrastination.



The 22 Key Turning Points in the History of Youtube, Business Insider

Youtube Official Site

Key Youtube Stats


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