Ice music

For as long as there has been humans walking this earth there has been music. Music has amazed people for thousands of years and music has taken its appearance through many forms. From the violin to the Picasso guitar people will always find a way to make music. Some has even taking every day sounds and somehow turned them into amazing cover songs!

downloadThis dude, Tim Linhart, had been working with ice for several years and had made a living out of making ice sculptures. He had become increasingly curious of whether he could make musical instruments out of ice as well. After a few tries he succeeded in making musical instruments out of ice and he is considered to be the founder of icemusic.

In 2003 he was able to create an entire orchestra made out of ice and build an iceorgan for the Ice Hotel in Sweden. This inspired him to create a specific concert hall, where ice orchestras could play.


imagesTerje Isungset is also a man of skill within the world of icemusic. In 1999 he held a concert in a frozen waterfall during the Lillehammer Winter festival and was later that fall asked to make more icemusic for the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

In 2001 the first ice music CD, Iceman Is, was recorded at the very same hotel in Sweden and in 2005 Terje founded All Ice Records. All Ice Records is an independent record company devoted to only release music played on ice instruments. In 2005 Terje also had the idea of creating an icemusic festival, which took place in Norway 2006.

In 2007 the very first icemusic world tour took place, which included 33 concerts in places like Japan, Norway and Spitsbergen.


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