Want a new plant? Buy a newspaper!

Once again Japan has done something remarkable. This time it is newspapers that grows plants.

The Mainichi Newspaper is one of the biggest newspapers in Japan and each day they deliver a morning and an evening edition. Now they have come up with the smart idea of layering their papers with seeds.

That means that the approximately four million copies being sold every day in a physical format will not just go to waste. The consumers can actually tear of a small piece of the newspaper, plant it and water it. And in a few days they will have a nice little plant. Surely this must be a treat for the kids.

Additionally the newspapers are made out of recycled paper. The folks behind this newspaper definitely knows what’s up!

The Mainichi Newspaper is famous for their commitment towards environmental protection and has previously made an advertising campaign on water donations for populations that suffer due to thirst. Not only are they raising awareness about the decline of our environment and open up for discussion about it, they also actively try to do their part to help solve some of the global issues that we currently face.

This crazy idea has also brought profit to the newspaper, since people are more inclined to buying a newspaper that in addition to being informational also can become a nice little plants afterwards. Surely this must be an inspiration for other newspapers and as-like to follow their example?

The idea of layering paper with seed is actually not a new invention. It is something that has been around for quite some time, but the fact that a huge newspaper, like the Mainishi Newspaper is in Japan, has caught on to this idea is definitely something to celebrate.

If you want to make your own seed-layered paper it is actually quite easy. Gather up all of the old paper laying around in your house, buy some seeds and grab an old picture frame. The internet is full of DIY-tutorials on how to this, but here is one that explained things really well and made it look quite easy. I don’t think I will be making my own paper anytime soon, but seeing it being done was definitely very fascinating to me.

Not only is flowers and plants soothing for the eye and soul but it also improves the air quality and the environment. I would love to see other big newspapers become inspired by this idea and begin to replicate it. What a beautiful and green world we would have if this were the case.

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